Professional Learning Networks (PLN's) and Social Networks

Teachers are being asked to continue their professional learning and development beyond their initial licensure. Traditional avenues for professional growth via university coursework are still important places for teachers and school leaders to critically examine instructional practice and learn more about technology adoption. However, use of popular social media applications such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest have provided new and exciting ways for teaching professionals to locate resources, get ideas, and to share their own success stories.

Ball State University students in EdTec 355: Learning and Teaching with Emerging Technologies are examining how they can use these social media outlets for their own professional learning. Along with face to face meetings with their learning partners, BSU students developed several screencasts to aid teachers in signing up for these social networks.

Check out the screencasts below to find out more about how to use these social networks for professional growth.
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The Indiana State Department of Education has a large number of professional development resources available to teachers, administrators, and educational leaders to support technology integration and adoption.
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