Indiana Migrant Education Program (IMEP) S.T.E.M. Technology Summit

Summit Information

The Migrant Education S.T.E.M. Technology Summit is a partnership between the Indiana Department of Education Migrant Education Program and Ball State UniversityTeachers College Educational Technology Program.

The summit brings together students and teachers from across Indiana to explore how technology is changing the world around us and creating opportunities for future careers. During the summit students participate in activities, and engage with guest speakers and facilitators to construct diferent projects utilizing a variety of technologies. They also tour different parts of the Ball State campus to build connections between how their work can lead to educational opportunities and different career paths.

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Goals of the Summit

Goals for the summit are to engage students in problem solving activities where they develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Students explore math, science, & engineering concepts, through different technologies and create various projects that demonstrate what they’ve learned. The summit hopes to demonstrate the power of creative thinking with technology in our changing world, and to provide a doorway to the future of what is possible through education.

Projects Include

  • Creating 360 VR expeditions
  • 3D Scanning and Printing
  • Storytelling with Green Screens & Video Editing
  • Creating their own Virtual World with CoSpaces
  • Graphic design and Print shop
  • Sphero Robotics Challenges
  • The science behind Yeti coolers
  • and more...
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