Technology Mentoring

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Undergraduate students from Ball State University work with area teachers to support the teachers' learning, integration, and adoption of technology within their instructional contexts.  Utilizing the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Technology Coaching Standards as a guide, BSU students develop professional relationships, and gain valuable knowledge about curriculum planning and technology integration within diverse instructional contexts.

Each semester, students develop resources for our learning partners and anyone else who is interested in learning more about technology adoption, integration, and our mentoring program. Materials here highlight some of the various technology adoption and integration models they explore, and professional learning network resources students have developed for our partners.

Student participants in the mentoring program construct a digital text with iBook Author about their work with their learning partners. These texts highlight the various projects, lessons, and technologies learned throughout the semester. Students also reflect on the technology adoption and integration process, and critically examine how the instructional context impacts teacher decision making about technology use within the classroom.

Technology Mentoring: Program Overview

Technology Mentoring: Adoption & Integration Models

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Technology Mentoring: Professional Learning Networks

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