NESTT Learning Labs

The NESTT Learning Labs were established to address the need to prepare both faculty and teacher education candidates to utilize technology within their instructional practices. NESTT is an acronym for New and Emerging Support for Teaching with Technology. In order to reach this objective, the NESTT Learning Labs established five goals to guide our work.

  • To ENGAGE faculty and candidates around ideas for the adoption and integration of technology within their instructional practices.
  • To PROVIDE safe spaces to be curious, creative, and inquisitive with technology.
  • To SUPPORT faculty in redesign of courses, assignments, and projects to take advantage of how different technologies can support student learning.
  • To EMPOWER both faculty and candidates to utilize & use various technologies themselves instead of being dependent on others.
  • To MODEL pedagogies and practices that support learning. NESTT staff reflect on and practice technology coaching and mentoring models to support their own professional development
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