Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR&D) Publication!

Really happy to receive notification that our article, "Collaborative research and use of Q methodology to understand technology infusion in teacher education" has been published in the Journal Educational Technology Research and Development.
This is the companion article to our other article published in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education in March.
ETR&D has made the full article available to view at the following link.

ISTE TEN Webinar Series

Completed my ISTE webinar on leadership & decision-making for tech infusion!

This book study webinar series is excellent!!!!

Authors from the book, Championing Technology Infusion in Teacher Education: A Framework for Supporting Future Educators, engage with attendees and share their insights for supporting technology infusion with teacher education.

Webinars are recorded so you can always go back and catch a discussion you may have missed.

Learn more about the book & the webinar series at

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Welcome Dr. Phil Boltz

Congratulations to Dr. Phil Boltz who graduated in December of 2020!
We were able to celebrate his success at the Ball State University 2020 Commencement May 15, 2021!

It turned out to be a wonderful morning and beautiful day to recognize his accomplishments!


SITE 2021 Q Methodology Workshop

SITE Conference 2021: Workshop on Q Methodology

It was fun to join my research colleagues David Rutledge, Arlene Borthwick, and Brandy Walker to host a workshop at the SITE 2021 conference in March. The workshop was titled "Q Methodology as a Research Tool for Technology Infusion", and focused on how researchers could use Q methodology to investigate perspectives on the challenges facing technology integration and infusion.

The virtual workshop included use of a variety of digital tools like Jamboard, and Forms to engage participants and do some comparisons between Q methodology and traditional quantitative analysis.


Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE) Article Published

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE) Article Published!!!

Really excited to have our article, Teacher educator perspectives on technology infusion: A closer look using Q methodology, published in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. This work began at the National Technology Leadership Summit strand on technology infusion. It is wonderful to finally share this work with others.

Here is the full citation for the article.
Clausen, J.M., Borthwick, A. & Rutledge, D. (2021). Teacher Educator Perspectives on Technology Infusion: A Closer Look Using Q Methodology. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 29(1), 5-43. https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/218585/.

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Virtual & Distance Education License addition update

Work on the Virtual and Distance Education License addition is moving forward.

Program materials are making their way through the university governance structure.The University Professional Education Committee voted to approve the license addition in July. Program faculty worked to revise course syllabi, and the program application was submitted to the Indiana State Department of Education in August.

In September I presented to the State INPREP Committee about the proposed Virtual and Distance Education license. They provided us with written feedback that helped us improve the proposal. In October we submitted our revised proposal to the INPREP committee and they recommended our proposal for final approval in early November.

On December 9, 2020, the Indiana State Board of Education approved our proposal!

During this same time we also put materials forward through the University governance structure for a Graduate Certificate in Virtual and Distance Education. This certificate program is similar to the license program but is focused on educators who are outside of Indiana. The Graduate Education Committee approved the certificate in February 2021.

With approval of both the license addition and graduate certificate we have now developed program information websites so that students can begin applying for the programs.


AACTE EdPrep Matters Blog post: Technology and the future of educator preparation

Clausen, J.M., (2021, February 18). COVID, Technology, and the Future of Educator Preparation. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education EdPrep Matters Blog. https://edprepmatters.net/2021/02/covid-technology-and-the-future-of-educator-preparation/

AACTE EdPrep Matters Blog post: Applying technology enhanced teaching strategies to the new normal in 2021 and beyond

Clausen, J.M., Deiker, L., Kolb,L., McVey, M., Moody,R, and Slykhuis, D. (2021, February 5), Applying Technology-enhanced Teaching Strategies to the New Normal in 2021 and Beyond. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education EdPrep Matters Blog.