EdTec Program

Virtual & Distance Education License addition update

Work on the Virtual and Distance Education License addition is moving forward.

Program materials are making their way through the university governance structure.The University Professional Education Committee voted to approve the license addition in July. Program faculty worked to revise course syllabi, and the program application was submitted to the Indiana State Department of Education in August.

In September I presented to the State INPREP Committee about the proposed Virtual and Distance Education license. They provided us with written feedback that helped us improve the proposal. In October we submitted our revised proposal to the INPREP committee and they recommended our proposal for final approval in early November.

On December 9, 2020, the Indiana State Board of Education approved our proposal!

During this same time we also put materials forward through the University governance structure for a Graduate Certificate in Virtual and Distance Education. This certificate program is similar to the license program but is focused on educators who are outside of Indiana. The Graduate Education Committee approved the certificate in February 2021.

With approval of both the license addition and graduate certificate we have now developed program information websites so that students can begin applying for the programs.


Virtual and Distance Education License Addition

We began work on the development of materials for the Virtual and Distance Education License Addition to address the immediate and ongoing need to prepare teachers to teach in virtual, blended, and online instructional contexts. We are proposing a nine-credit hour license addition for Indiana teachers. The three courses will include courses on distance education, instructional design, and infrastructure & assessment. The program will be one of the first in the state of Indiana.