BreakoutEDU at the NESTT

BreakoutEDU at the NESTT


Within the first weeks of the semester, several faculty members have brought their classes to the NESTT Learning Labs to find out more about the labs, the Educational Technology programs, and to explore how the candidates might integrate technology into their instructional practice.

The NESTT staff has developed a "Tour of What's Possible" for guests to the labs. The tour is designed to model active and engaged pedagogical practices and is structured as a BreakoutEDU game. Check out the following link to learn more about BreakoutEDU (

The game includes a variety of physical and digital elements and is intended to help candidates and faculty think about how they might utilize different technologies within their future and current classrooms. Specifically, the tour utilizes Augmented Reality, Google Forms, invisible ink, backlights, etc…to engage the teams around the four C's (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, & Critical Thinking). They have 30 minutes to complete the challenge.

Participants are first asked to take an AR tour to various posters placed around the room. Each poster has one or two AR Triggers on a particular technology (Augmented Reality, 3d modeling, Coding, Virtual Reality, Creative Play, Robotics). The triggers are linked to an overlay that provided an example of how the technology is being used within a K12 classroom. Following the AR tour, participants are asked to collaborated and communicate with each other about what they just experienced. They are asked to complete a Google Form to share their ideas about how they might use three of the technologies within their future classrooms. Once they submit the form, they get a clue that will help them to unlock a pouch placed on the table infant of them. Inside the pouch is another clue That will help them to decipher the final clue that allows them to unlock the BreakoutEDU Box.

We've had a great time hosting these classes and look forward to working with both the candidates and faculty to follow up on this first experience!

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Welcome to the NESTT Learning Labs

Welcome to the NESTT Learning Labs at Ball State Teachers College!

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The Fall 2017 semester began with the opening of the NESTT Learning Labs on the 2nd floor of Teachers College. With thanks to former Dean John Jacobson and former Associate Dean Jim Stroud, and our student workers, the NESTT Learning Labs opened on the first day of classes!

NESTT is an acronym for New and Emerging Support for Teaching with Technology

The Goals for the Learning Labs are:
1. To ENGAGE faculty and candidates around ideas for the adoption and integration of technology within their instructional practices.
2. To PROVIDE safe spaces to be curious, creative, and inquisitive with technology.
3. To SUPPORT faculty in redesign of courses, assignments, and projects to take advantage of how different technologies can support student learning.
- This is done with the intent that faculty and candidates will develop their own technology knowledge and conceptualize technology integration as an embedded element of their instructional practice, not something to be added on or done at isolated times during a course.
4. To EMPOWER both faculty and candidates to utilize & use various technologies themselves instead of being dependent on others.
5. To MODEL pedagogies and practices that support learning. NESTT staff reflect on and practice technology coaching and mentoring models to support their own professional development

The NESTT Learning Labs are staffed by both undergraduate and graduate students. To support our goals, we have several technologies for faculty and candidates to explore. These include 3d modeling & printing, coding, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, creative play experiences, and several others.