National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS)

National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) was held September 28-29 in Washington DC.

NTLS Logo Image

The National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) brings together national leaders from educational associations, as well as editors of educational technology journals, directors of non-profit foundations, federal policy makers, and corporate representatives. Recommendations and guidelines emerging from the summit are published in a range of educational technology journals and are featured on the programs of educational conferences. The goal is to accelerate the meaningful impact of digital technologies in education for the 21st century.

Several members of the AACTE Innovation and Technology Committee attended and participated in one of three working groups. Attendees included, Arlene Borthwick, Elizabeth Finsness, Lara Luetkenhans, Guy Trainin, Chuck Hodges, and myself (pictured below). The working groups focused on different topics including Micro-credentialing, American Innovations in the Content Areas, and Technology Standards for School Leaders.

I & T Committee Chair Arlene Borthwick and I were included in the micro-credentialing topic. Other members of the working group included representatives from ISTE, journal editors, and faculty from several institutions.

The working group was actively engage in learning about the topic and how micro-credentialing may impact learning. The group decided to be proactive in their learning and took on the task of developing micro credentials themselves for attendees of several upcoming Technology and Teacher Education conferences. The working group sub-divided into smaller teams to address various aspects of creating these credentials. These included a Narrative Analysis team to explore existing literature on the topic, a Technical team to explore infrastructure need and existing technologies for creating badges and other micro credentials, a Design team will construct the various activities conference attendees will participate in to earn the micro credentials, and a Reviewers team will develop the various criteria in assessing submitted artifacts for the micro credential. The hope of the working group is to have the first iteration of NTLS Micro-credentials for conference attendees at the upcoming AECT conference in November.

NTLS is a wonderful opportunity to connect with leaders in the field of Educational Technology and to work across institutions with colleagues on pressing issues.

AACTE I&T Committee at NTLS