IMEP STEM Technology Summit 2019

For the second year we were able to partner with the Indiana Department of Education Migrant Education Program to host the Migrant Education Program STEM Technology Summit at the NESTT Learning Labs in Ball State University's Teachers College.

This years event brought together middle school students and teachers from across the state to engage in a variety of technology rich learning opportunities. We were honored this year to have several guest speakers session leaders, including BSU Provost Dr. Susana Rivera-Mills, George Barcenas (https://www.edtechteam.com/keynotes/barcenas/), and Dr. Berry Stone. The summit also provided an opportunity for BSU teacher education candidates to plan and teach sessions with summit attendees.

One goal of the summit is to help students make connections to professions associated to the technologies they were exploring. Attendees discussed video game design while creating their virtual worlds, shared how virtual reality is being utilized in real-estate and marketing professions, and designed the down print shop materials.

Summit attendees also toured the BSU facilities like the WIPB studios and the Charles Brown Planetarium.

S.T.E.M. Learning Activities during the 2019 Summit included
  • Making Google Expeditions using 360 images & Virtual Reality
  • Creating a Virtual Worlds with CoSpaces
  • BreakoutEDU
  • Graphic Design & Print Shop
  • YouTube Storytellers and green screen video editing
  • A Maker Catapult Pentathlon Challenge
  • Green Screen Stories

Planning for next years summit has already begun! We are excited about this partnership and hope to build on each years success.