ISTE TEN Webinar Series

Completed my ISTE webinar on leadership & decision-making for tech infusion!

This book study webinar series is excellent!!!!

Authors from the book, Championing Technology Infusion in Teacher Education: A Framework for Supporting Future Educators, engage with attendees and share their insights for supporting technology infusion with teacher education.

Webinars are recorded so you can always go back and catch a discussion you may have missed.

Learn more about the book & the webinar series at

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ISTE & JDLTE Research Award

Honored to to be recognized by ISTE Teacher Education Network (TEN) and the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education!!!

Outstanding Research Award. (December 1, 2020). International Society in Education, Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education. For the article,
TPACK Leadership Diagnostic Tool: Adoption and Implementation by Teacher Education Leaders (Volume 35: Issue 1)
  • • This award is in recognition of the single article from the prior volume year with the highest possibility to advance the field of teacher education, based on the criteria of potential impact and contribution, innovativeness, and generalizability or usability.
  • Colleagues: Elizabeth Finsness, Arlene Borthwick, Kevin Graziano, Mary Herring, Jeff Carpenter, and I received the award and gave a presentation about our work at the ISTE conference.
ISTE Research Award

NTLS 2019

The National Leadership Technology Summit (https://ntls.info) was held in Washington DC Sept. 19-20 at the headquarters of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE). As a member of the AACTE Innovation and Technology Committee I was invited to attend and participate in a strand focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Teacher Education.

I was also asked to report on outcomes from the strand on TETC cases - program deep, program wide vs technology in a shrinking educational economy. I was able to share several outcomes including initial results of a Q Sort study conducted by myself, Arlene Borthwick, and David Rutledge to find out what teacher education faculty want edtec specialists to know.

Listed below are the outcomes shared at the 2019 NTLS meeting

Foulger, T. & Clausen, J. (2019). Visionary Guidelines, Challenges, and Solutions for Adopting a Technology Infusion Approach: Suggestions from Leaders in the Field. In K. Graziano (Ed.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 2184-2188). Las Vegas, NV, United States: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved April 8, 2019 from https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/207992/ 

Borthwick, A., Clausen, J. M., Foulger, T. S., & Slykhuis, D. A. (2019, August 8, 2019). Preparing new teachers: How collaboration across professional associations can advance technology infusion. Guest blog post for American Association for the Advancement of Science ARISE ADAPTATIONS. Available at https://aaas-arise.org/2019/08/07/preparing-new-teachers-how-collaboration-across-professional-associations-can-advance-technology-infusion/ 

Borthwick, A., Clausen, J. M., Foulger, T. S., & Slykhuis, D. A. (2019, August 19, 2019). Preparing new teachers: How collaboration across professional associations can advance technology infusion [repost with permission of AAAS blog post]. Guest blog post for American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Available at http://edprepmatters.net/2019/08/11883/ 

Mouza, Editor, C. (2018). Editorial: A Report on the 2018 National Technology Leadership Summit. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 18(4), 601-605. Waynesville, NC USA: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Retrieved August 20, 2019 from https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/207649/.
Clausen, J.M., Mouza, C. Langran, E. & Slykhuis, D. (2018 December 5, 2018). AACTE tech committee plans preconference symposium for #AACTE19. Retrieved from http://edprepmatters.net/2018/12/aacte-tech-committee-plans-preconference-symposium-for-aacte19/ 


NTLS 2019_2 NTLS2019_1

NTLS Strand Leader

Early in the fall 2019 I was asked to co-lead a strand at the National Technology Leadership Summit (https://ntls.info/). Colleague Teresa Foulger from Arizona State University and I lead a strand titled Teacher education technology competencies cases: Program Deep, program wide vs technology in a shrinking educational economy.

This was an exciting opportunity to engage national leaders in the field of educational technology and teacher education about the various issues impacting infusion of technology throughout teacher education programs across the country.

Over the course of two days leaders explored the various issues and re-committed themselves toward technology integration and infusions within teacher education. Outcomes of the strand included a commitment to research on discovering what teacher education faculty want edtec specialists to know, and continued development of the Teacher Education Technology Competencies.

AACTE Preconference Symposium 2019

American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education Pre-conference Symposium 2019

Action Steps for Addressing the Challenge of Integrating Technology in Teacher Education

The 2019 AACTE I& T Committee Pre-conference symposium focused on bringing to gather teacher education leaders to examine the actions they can take to address the change of infusing technology within teacher education. A highlight of the symposium was a panel of experts including Gary Railsback from CAEP, Andrea Whittaker from EdTPA, and Joseph South from ISTE to discuss how EPP's should address the crosscutting themes of technology infusion. The panel, along with additional breakout sessions, provided attendees with concrete action steps for addressing the issue of program deep & program wide technology infusion. The following link is to the symposium overview presentation.


Clausen, J.M., Leutkenhans, L. (2019). Challenges of integrating technology in teacher education: Laying the foundation. Presentation during Pre-conference symposium Action steps for addressing the challenge of integrating technology in teacher education at the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges of Teacher Education. Louisville, KY.

Summer EdEl Faculty Development

Throughout the summer of 2019 I led five professional development workshops with faculty from the Elementary Education Department to prepare for the implementation of an Apple iPad initiative. During each of the sessions EdEl Faculty engaged with each other and with a variety of technologies in the exploration/critical reflection of existing instructional practices with technology. Throughout the summer faculty explored different frameworks for technology integration including TPACK, SAMR and Triple E. They deconstructed lessons and reimagined them with a new lens. They also utilized the Teacher Education Technology Competencies (TETCs)