AACTE: Outstanding Book Award

American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) 2017 Outstanding Book Award for the book "Transforming Teacher Education for Social Justice". The book describes the Schools within the Context of Community SCC Program and provides guidance to teacher education programs who want to develop community engaged teacher education candidates. The book also describes how various technologies are integrated into the learning process and used as metacognitive tools for teacher education candidates.


SCC Book Cover

AERA Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education Innovations in Research and Diversity in Teacher Education

The Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education Award recognizes research that demonstrates innovation in addressing issues of diversity in teaching and/or teacher education. The faculty of Schools within the Contexts of Community were among several nominees whose innovative research explores and/or demonstrates powerful new ways to think about diversity in teaching and teacher education, giving direction to the field and to policy makers and offering an expanded vision of a theoretical framework, research methodologies, or practices regarding diversity in teaching and teacher education. A nine-member awards committee unanimously concluded that their project, “Schools within the Contexts of Community,” provides new models of research that give direction to the field concerning diversity in teaching and teacher education. The committee also concluded that their innovative contributions have directly shaped thinking and/or practices regarding diversity in teaching and teacher education.

AERA DivK Award2016